Ecommerce middleware framework

Easily link with ERPs and other business systems while expanding the capability of the native platform.

Platform extensibility for business-to-business transactions :

Extending features and connectors are treated by too many B2B ecommerce platforms like wizard-only magic rituals. Other platforms use plugins in a one-size-fits-all fashion. Both could use some work.

Aligning the ecommerce platform and company model is crucial

A prerequisite for admission in B2B e-commerce should be the platform’s extensibility. Both operations should be handled similarly if a manufacturer wants to submit data into a third party order management system (OMS) and retrieve specific information from a customer relationship management (CRM) system to customize the buyer’s experience. The complexity of integration should be minimized when a distributor replatforms to a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

It should be repeatable to match company systems and procedures with e-commerce processes. A repeatable framework should also be used to carry out integrations. The architecture of Znode was created to be repeatable and extensible using the 80/20 rule.

Platform scalability using the 80/20 principle

A native middleware called Znode’s commerce connector does 80% of the work needed to link with a commercial system. The connectedness of the business system accounts for the remaining 20%.

znode commerce connector

ERPs and other business systems can be integrated using the commerce connector. Control the transmission of data between systems. In order to conform to certain business model needs in areas like promotions, taxes, shipping, and more, it can also enhance native platform capabilities. The commerce connector allows both batch and real-time data transfers.

Easily Manage Integrations

Simple API access makes managing integrations simple. The Znode API enables interaction with external systems, legacy infrastructure, and distinctive shopping experiences, enhancing flexibility and accelerating time-to-market. Over 30 pre-built common interfaces are provided in the commerce connector.

Extensibility Framework


The commerce connector framework is compatible with other applications as well as ERPs. The.NET ecommerce platform can be extended through the API, which acts as Znode’s external border.


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