Ecommerce order management system

Provide administrators with an easy means of managing customer expectations and the purchase lifecycle.

Organize the administration of online orders

The number of sales channels that are handled by manufacturers and distributors keeps growing. Order administration is more complex due to a variety of factors, including web stores, punchout catalogues, phone conversations, EDI submissions, and more.

Bring all order channels together. Utilize a strong B2B ecommerce platform to manage the omnichannel experience while modernizing order processing and addressing unforeseen issues.

challenges of b2b ecommerce order management

Organization-wide digital transformation emphasises the advantages for those who do not have the order process automation’s benefits. The reliance on manual processes must be reduced. With using the order management system module of Znode, these manual tasks can be replaced by automated ones.

Order mistakes are frequently caused by the recurrence of manual activities. The same rationale may be used to order management as manufacturing has automated production processes to eliminate product mistakes.

Many legacy technology platforms do not support multichannel integration. Scalability and responsiveness to changing business demands are limited. Real-time inventory can be displayed thanks to Znode’s visibility. Furthermore, the native extensibility enables interaction with 3PLs and logistics platforms to suit modern shipment demands, guaranteeing that all channel orders are completed.

managing the b2b ecommerce order process

The administration of online orders involves a number of procedures. The administration of order flow is centralized when a B2B ecommerce platform has native capability to manage each stage. Reduced resources can be used to deal with any unforeseen problems. Learn about each stage of the procedure:

  • Items are added to the cart and a quote is generated
  • Placed order
  • Payment Authorization
  • Order is delivered to the warehouse, picked up, and shipped.
  • Payment is taken.
  • Delivered is the order
  • Client satisfaction

ecommerce order fulfillment capabilities

Znode provides the features required for multi-channel e-commerce order fulfilment.


Indicate the amount of inventory in each warehouse. As orders are fulfilled through the web store, inventories are automatically changed. If a product meets the reorder threshold, the low inventory notice may be activated.


For precise shipment calculations, administrators can set warehouse details such as an address. Administrators can also set up backup warehouses to be used in case the main warehouse runs out of stock.

Order management efficiencies.

Znode provides crucial features to individuals in charge of customer satisfaction and customer care while orders are processed.

Pending Orders

Administrators can examine and control orders that are pending approval

Application Routing

Create a workflow for order approval and provide order approvers (and administrators) the power to change an order’s shipping method and shipping address information.

Pending Payment        

Administrators have control over both the pending order and pending payments.


Administrators and customer support agents have the authority to create special vouchers that can be assigned to a specific customer and are automatically applied at the time of checkout.

Pricing Engine

A single SKU can be linked by administrators to a variety of pricing lists and categories. Pricing for products can be linked to retailers, user profiles, particular users, and B2B accounts.

customer service solutions

Znode offers administrators and customer care professionals the necessary answers to their problems as a full stack B2B ecommerce solution.

Return Management

Administrators can quickly approve and handle product returns with the help of return management. The webstore makes it simple for customers to begin returns and create packing slips.

Ordering by proxy (Impersonation)

The “Log In As” tool enables customer care employees to effortlessly add tailored products for customers while posing as those customers.

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