Ecommerce native PIM system

To implement tailored assortments, manage product data from many
catalogues with configuration.

Managing multi-channel product information:

Successful ecommerce product retailing requires accurate product information. Znode’s native ecommerce product information system (PIM) offers the configuration and flexibility to carry out contemporary product data procedures, regardless of the limitations and complexity of product offerings. Create unique product feeds and quickly roll out product launches across numerous websites and product catalogues.

limitless product catalog management

The complexity of the products sold through this channel will continue to rise as B2B ecommerce expands. Make certain the ecommerce PIM offers the required flexibility:

  • Product and category attributes are limitless.
  • linkage of product categories to existing products and to various store catalogues
  • Create consumer product catalogues for each online shop
  • additional goods for cross-selling and up-selling
  • Manage user profiles to control short descriptions, extended descriptions, language, and other aspects of product display

Native PIM ecommerce integration for multi-store environments

Middleware, such as the Znode commerce connector, enables administrators to more quickly extend the platform for integration with ERPs and other commercial systems. This integration feature guarantees that an ERP may continue to serve as a source of truth for essential product data while enabling the ecommerce platform to be enhanced with emotional, technical, and usage data.

Ecommerce PIM provided customer first ecosystem

Advanced product management procedures are necessary due to expanding product catalogues. The ability to compile with internal compliance requirements for the accuracy of product data as well as display regulatory product information is provided by Znode.

The native PIM system of Znode also gives customer care agents the option to track product faults and complaints for ongoing product development.

Sustainable ecommerce product information management processes

Znode’s PIM enables bulk editing of product data for quick and effective product information updates. The PIM system has also enhanced additional processes, including:

  • Importing products using templates
  • rapid product distribution across several channels
  • Product data export to.
  • Using CSV files to combine data with print catalogues
  • Updates to products’ conformity with laws like California’s Proposition 65

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