Enterprise ecommerce site search

Increase conversions through streamlining product identification, customizing, and tailoring the customer experience.

Enhance the experience for customers

One of the key components in delivering a fantastic user experience is site search. When a shopper is ready to make a purchase, they are aware of the item they want to buy and start by using the search function to find it.

In B2B e-commerce, site search is even more important because customers frequently search for part numbers or specific components and conversion depends on delivering the right search. Buyers who cannot discover the part or product they require will immediately move on to another provider.


More site search with znode

By enabling administrators to manage search across numerous stores with automatic indexing, Znode’s feature-rich native site search increases conversions and provides a wonderful customer experience. This reduces administration complexity, scale concerns, and demanding technological requirements.

Enhancing conversions with search tools

For a superior user experience and more conversions, Znode site search provides a robust tool set designed especially for these goals, including:


Gain insights to create product promotions and increase sales by analyzing analytics and search data. Fill landing pages with real-time search results and promotions.


Selecting which products to highlight and which to hide can provide you control over internet marketing. Ecommerce administrators and marketers can push products based on market trends, inventory considerations, and promotional campaigns thanks to flexible boost and bury options.


Enhance the efficiency of product searches and the shopping experience. Use product filters to display useful information in a format that makes it simple to shop for and to put each attribute in the spotlight.


Utilize advanced group and profile-based algorithms for search results that are specifically tailored to you. B2B & B2C ALGORITHMS For both B2B and B2C use cases, intelligently constructed algorithms are essential.


Natural language processing, such as stop words, synonym-based search, spelling correction, and keyword redirects, can help shoppers get high-quality search results on the first try – independent of phrasing, mistakes, or grammar.


Assist buyers in swiftly finding the things they are looking for. Znode search results are automatically filled up and feature product photos thanks to ElasticSearch.

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