Znode for Distribution


For distributors, an omnichannel experience is the ultimate service capability to achieve for. Through Digital branch expansion, managing complex rules for pricing, defining approval workflows, and also managing the logistics of the business operations by defining complexities for pickup and delivery and rules for different geographical locations to be defined. The enterprise site search functionality is also relevant for producing product details immediately based on Customized search, auto typehead, dynamic page landing based on filtered results and many more. For the Sales Management team to offer the Customer a more engaged experience, a Sales Rep module is also developed to keep track of Customer orders and also provide analysis of Customer Data enabling sales people to effectively transform themselves into Consultants and in turn helps in partnering with Customers.

NIVI Solutions

With effective integration through API to utilize out of the system components efficiently so as to quickly sort buyers’ decisions based on different devices utilized like QR or Barcode scanning. Creating an omnichannel retail model, and optimize conversions through the ZNode headless technology is the way ahead for the growing business.

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