NIVI Solutions


Our services and expertise follow seamless E-Commerce Redesigning and migration, Effortless managed support and Services, and also full extensibility to Cross-Platform integration covering all ERP Integration Services.

NIVI Solutions is your choice for all E-Commerce needs including Consulting, Strategy, and Execution of B2B, B2C Commerce.

Specifications Znode BigCommerce Shopify Magento
Pricing Affordable Affordable Expensive Expensive
Ease of Use Easy Easy Easy Complex
Template Selection Hundreds Hundreds Hundreds Hundreds
Hosting Cloud-based Cloud-based Cloud-based On-site, Third-party, Cloud-based
Security Highly secure Secure Secure Depends on your standards
Features Feature-rich Feature-rich Some native features, third-party apps Feature-rich
Best for: Small and large shops that want a streamlined eCommerce experience Small shops wanting to go online Small shops wanting to go online Huge teams, with lots of resources

What Are You Waiting For?

NIVI Solutions is one stop shop for all eCommerce needs. Team at NIVI Solutions brings over 10 years of industry experience in consulting, strategy and execution of B2B, B2C commerce. We are passionate about digital commerce. We believe that using and implementing the technology the right way can tremendously help marketers and eCommerce managers grow the online business.

10437 W Innovation Drive, Milwaukee WI 53226, USA