Znode For Retail


For retailers its all about the brand loyalty and the Customer experience that matters to motivate Customers to come back for a new purchase. But strategies have to vary every time since using a single bland strategy won’t attract their attention. Through the ZNode Brand Experience solution, the platform helps flexibility of access to products on any devices through a seamless and responsive design. Admin users can easily login into their console to create new banners, merchandise or create promotions and also create specialized stores for the special targeted customers. The ZNode’s data model is responsible for providing the ultimate Customer experience by analyzing trends in the Customers and favor best results that can effectively help in boosting sales figures and also bring in more leads to the bucket. With the ZNode built-in PIM, CMS, DAM, and OMS, it’s an all in one approach on the basis of the E-commerce architecture which helps in expediting the setup and get faster results for the business. 

NIVI Solutions

ZNode not only provides Insite promotions and powerful site searches but also cross promotions and recommendations based on the data analysis of the Customers historic data. The recommendations could vary from displaying same category of products, the similar priced products, or products based on filtered results by Customers as well. Customised rules for certain group of Customers like privileges to be offered can also be done by the ZNode powerful architecture. In a gist, ZNode is a complete online headless E-commerce platform to efficiently cater to the online business needs of the Customer and also get the business going with any dependency for the same helping business owners to get going with their digital presence in the market.

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