Znode for Manufacturing


In case of Manufacturing the digital transformation is where ZNode comes into the picture. ZNode enables custom selection of business models which includes leveraging mobile based buying, self-service through IoT. Customizations can be brought to level of details of the product to be shared which includes unique user profiles, customized catalogues, and pricing combination models which can be easily configured through the ZNode Admin for controlled access. Typically, a generic E-commerce website provisions downloadable PDF format documents for the product but through the ZNode Product Information management which efficiently profiles with Distributors and Channels with product information, pricing and keeping the self-serve factor to the Customer providing a more engaging experience. The multi store creation allows easier management for distributor portals handling and a powerful site search function to conveniently provide a search driven experience for channels.

NIVI Solutions
  • Znode’s Content and Commerce management is also responsible for an intuitive product information management system (PIM) and optimize content in a way that is easily available and searchable.
  • Expansion of the business on a global scale is always a challenge if the flexible resources are not provisioned which make the task of opening an online store in a new region becomes quite a challenge.
  • The multi store feature of Znode also is responsible for effective product management, catalogue customization in an efficient way for expanding locations. There is another challenge that are to be looked upon which is the rapidly changing market and needs of the customer. This rapid change can also be a cause of the competitor which will drastically affect the business growth.
  • Znode offers here the ultimate agile model to this requirement which helps in bringing up a new business model or testing a business model for channels and also the utilize the powerful capabilities of Headless Commerce architecture to connect or integrate with different machines like Kiosks, apps etc.
  • But what if an ERP system is already implemented in the business, how does Znode help here? With ERP being the backbone of any big business it’s necessary to provide an effective integration to keep shared inventory management at bay. 
  • Znode provides an effective ERP connection engine to manage ERP connections and for logging and management through the administration console.

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