Scalable, robust, headless API driven eCommerce solution

Ecommerce companies are up against several challenging obstacles. While the competition for online sales is growing, customer expectations are still rising.

According to a survey by BigCommerce and Retail Dive, 86% of business executives said their costs for acquiring new customers are rising (CAC). Ecommerce companies require a digital marketing plan to draw in as much organic traffic as they can, which also entails creating a website that offers a useful and interesting user experience.

Headless eCommerce is a concept that many retailers are starting to use for their online stores.

Headless Ecommerce: What is it?

In order to provide a seamless, adaptable digital experience, headless Ecommerce decouples the website’s backend eCommerce operations from its presentation layer. It is a digital marketing solution for online retailers. 

To drive and manage the site’s commerce capabilities, developers can use a frontend solution that produces high-quality content in conjunction with an eCommerce system. They can still provide essential features like security, PCI compliance, and inventory management while simultaneously providing a platform that is more experienced-focused.

NIVI Solutions & Znode:

NIVI Solutions has collaborated with its trusted technological service partner Znode, who brings expertise in Headless Commerce API Architecture, to give Customers with the absolute best solutions for their E-Commerce Needs.

Znode Features:

  • You may personalise the online experience for each of your clients with Znode’s headless platform.
  • Additionally, each of your webstores will have its own distinct branding and theme thanks to content management at the segment, account, or user level.
  • Additionally, you have more freedom over your choice of features and software because we link with numerous corporate platforms, such as CRMs and ERPs.
  • Knowing which clients to target can be challenging without correctly organizing your product data. Znode offers a centralized product information management system that enables you to target the appropriate assortment of goods and marketing materials to the appropriate clientele.
  • Unique catalogues and content may be easily handled, and each user’s purchasing experience can be tailored for maximum consumer pleasure.
  • You can manage all of your product listings across websites with Znode with ease. In order for you to scale your business without experiencing any difficulties, we offer a comprehensive range of tools for B2B clients, distributors, and channels.
  • This involves distributing your product catalogue to online stores run by third parties, such Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart, and others.
  • The Znode site search offers an easy and scalable solution to enable administrators to manage site search across multiple stores, with automatic indexing, while reducing their management complexity, increasing conversion rates, and offering a better customer experience. Nearly all B2B buyers rank site search as one of the most important features.

Why Znode out of all the leading service providers?

  • Exceptionally improved performance and access speed
  • Znode offers more sophisticated B2B functionality to address certain business requirements.
  • Simple to manage and use.
  • Improved capabilities including Core Web Vital and Google Page Experience
  • Support for extremely user-friendly SEO & marketing tools; Znode also provides CMS capabilities
  • Improved Online and Offline Support with issues fixed in accordance with SLA
  • Znode has a ton of security features to safeguard customers’ priceless data.
  • When compared to the competition, Znode’s total cost of ownership is on the lower end.

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