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Are you struggling with google core web vitals? Do your website experience slow page load times? Look no further, we can help.

We all know how speed and performance is critical to google organic position as well as conversion rate. 

Shoppers are demanding, they want the best user experience, FAST along with the great offerings of product collection and promotions. Users wants more. Google introduced page experience, and core web vitals to help retailers improve their website to ultimately provide the best user experience to shoppers since the switch to the newer Google Search Console. 

It is becoming more and more critical to have both mobile and desktop page experience to be green to improve on google organically. Data shows that websites with all Core Web Vital in green drive more organic traffic compared to websites with a poor or bad page experience.

Over the years we have helped 20+ retailers in both B2B as well as B2C markets to get their Core Web Vital fixed. We know how it is done, we have built a solid SEO technical consultant that not only brings that SEO business acumen but they are technical enough to identify loose ends and errors on the website causing Core Web Vital to fail.

Our client’s websites are ranked in the top 10% of the sites worldwide when it comes to speed and individual page load times. 

We know what it takes to make your website run what we call it CRAZY SCREAMING FAST.

Sub 1 to 2-second page load times is the standard that we set for our development teams. 

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