Equiniva – a manufacturer, a distributor and direct to consumer company serving high quality equestrian products to horse riders and horse lovers.

Equinavia believed in NIVI Solutions as their trusted technology partner to help reshape their digital presence and implement ZNODE to drive B2B, B2C & Pre-Book e Commerce portals.


Webstore URL: www.equinavia.com, b2b.equinavia.com, pre.equinavia.com


The Equinavia story began in Scandinavia nearly 40 years ago. There, our passion for horses, riders and their well being inspired decades of progress and innovation within Scandinavia’s racing and English riding communities. In 2007, we crossed the Atlantic, determined to meet and motivate US riders and horse-lovers of all ages, skill levels and backgrounds. It was here that we found our local footing — first with harness racing, and soon after with English riding as we strove to respond to the community’s demand for a comprehensive product range made up of beautifully-fashioned merchandise.

Equinavia was introduced to us by our technology partner ZNODE. At first when we met the team at Equinvia it was clear to us that the key success criteria for Equinavia is speed, modern design, google core web vital and tremendous improvement on customer experience. Equinavia had eCommerce presence with VTEX which was dying of poor support, as eCommerce evolved and shoppers wanting more and more, Equinavia was struggling to meet the shoppers demand and failing on key customer experience.


During our first meeting with Marketing team @Equinavia, they presented a big 150+ line items spreadsheet of features and shortcomings of their old eCommerce platform VTEX. The key success criteria and big problems that needed to be solved were clear to our team right away.

Some of the Key Challenges

  • Speed, Speed & More Speed- Every page should load within under ~2 Sec
  • Mobile first approach
  • Modern design
  • B2B business requirements around pricing, multiple catalog, taxes and payments
  • ACH for dealer network
  • Back end integration with Acumetica ERP & Salsify PIM
  • Solve PRE-BOOKING Buisness model- taking orders for future inventory
  • Dealer network
  • Store & catalog management
  • SEO Improvements


Services we provided to help Equinavia successfully migrate their ECommerce properties from Vtex to ZNODE and meet all business objectives. 

  • User experience (UX) design and consulting
  • Strategic B2B, B2BC & B2C web technology consulting
  • ZNODE platform install, configuration
  • Dealer portal development- Bulk Ordering
  • Pre-booking development 
  • Acumetica ERP Integration- order push, order status pull, price, inventory, customer
  • Salsify Integraion – multi catalog, product integration
  • Enterprise cloud management 
  • Data and security management
  • PCI compliance
  • Search engine optimization
  • Klaviyo marketing suite integration
  • GA4 


  • Improved B2C conversion
  • Screaming fast page load times
  • Google Core Web Vital passed for mobile and desktop
  • Pre-Booking store success
  • Improved B2B conversion and satisfaction. 
  • Revenue growth YOY

Web Portal URL  

B2C – www.equinavia.com

B2B- https://b2b.equinavia.com

Pre-Book- https://pre.equinavia.com

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