ADA Compliance

Is your website ADA compliant? Are you under lawsuit? We can help.

With rapidly increasing ADA lawsuits costing thousands and thousands of $$$$$s and more importantly creating legal tensions and in-efficiencies to offer the best user experience to shoppers, it has become more than critical to have an ADA compliant website.

At NIVI Solutions, we believe in educating our clients to have ADA-compliant websites to avoid lawsuits and all the hassles that the business had to go through once the lawsuit is filed. 

Over the years we have built expertise that specializes in ADA. We have certified tech team members who understand ADA and are helping our existing customers be in compliant. We are not lawyers, but we work with lawyers to clean our client’s website to make web pages ADA compliant. 

We use the tools used by legal authorities to run ADA scans. Apart from tools and browser readers, we actually test the site using blind resources and physically disabled resources. We offer monthly ADA scan services, so your website continues to be in compliance. 

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