S & S Sales Corporation

S&S Sales Corporation is a respected and trusted distributor of adhesives, panel systems, sealants and sealant accessories, air & vapor barriers, traffic coatings and waterproofing products. 

Our team helped S&S upgrade their B2B Znode eCommerce from Znode 7.0 version to Znode 9.7.


Website URL: www.sssales.com

S & S Sales Corporation is a traditional distribution business  with digital eCommerce portal serving customers for easy and quick ordering. S&S came to us looking for help with re-design and re-build  website using the newer Znode 9.7 verison. The key business objective were improving customer experience, performance, better search results ranking and newer modern design.


There was a lot of shortcoming in offering buyers what they needed to make a purchase. Some big ones included missing B2B features, no self-serve portal for account management. Other challenges included but not limited to 

  • The website was running on the earlier release of ZNODE 5 version.
  • Migrating all data and content to Znode 9
  • Usability
  • Slower page load times
  • Failing Google Core Web Vital
  • Mobile – poor page performance, extremely low conversion rate
  • In-accurate inventory data, failing at multiple points. 
  • A lot of In-efficiencies for customer service using admin, phone orders
  • No B2B workflow for Quote, Approval management


NIVI Solutions helped S & S Sales re-shape the digital presence. Services we provided to S & S Sales to help achieve all business objectives. 

  • Creative Services & Consultation – new modern usable design
  • ZNode 9 install, configuration & customization
  • Engineering service to develop the new design and integrate with Znode 9
  • Migrate all content from Znode 5 to Znode 9
  • Macola ERP Integration to push and pull  order, customer, quote, price, inventory data both ways. 
  • Integrate shipping & tax services
  • Speed & Performance optimization to help pass Google requirements
  • Website security audit consultation and engineering. 
  • Enabling and configuring  B2B features – Quote, Approval Management, Multiple Price list (Negotiated pricing by account managent)
  • Deployment & Hosting


  • 40 %increase in sales YOY
  • 70% improvement in mobile conversion rate and 25% increase in desktop conversion rate 
  • Organic traffic growth leading to higher new customer acquisition. 
  • Self server portal for shoppers to manage invoices, pay by invoices directly improving shoppers experience. 
  • Operational eficiency

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