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Google stopping support for Universal Analytics Platform

The announcement by Google that it will stop supporting the Universal Analytics platform (UA) on July 1, 2023, and will only continue to support GA4, caught many marketers off guard. A whole new method of gathering, analyzing, and presenting data is GA4.

GA4? How is it different from UAP?

It’s a significant overhaul that includes new dashboards, reporting, metrics, and modifications to the user interface. It may be challenging for you to complete even basic tasks, like measuring KPIs, running reports, or examining user pathway data, if you are unfamiliar with the new platform.

GA4 Migration Process

1. Discovery

Our Google Analytics experts will first perform an audit of the existing Universal Analytics (GA3) account.Before preparing for the switch to Google Analytics 4, they will examine your tags, triggers, variables, increased eCommerce tracking, and other significant events. This makes sure we never miss any analytics data that is already available before moving.

2. Migration

The GTM container of your CMS platform currently hosts the updated Google Analytics 4 property that was previously opened in the Google Analytics account. Standard tracking, measurements, and reporting will be implemented in GA4, along with Improved eCommerce set-up and parameter tracking for your eCommerce website. Data Layer and GTM will also be enabled for eCommerce reporting. Based on your company’s goals, how users engage with the website, and related events, these adjustments will be made.

3. Training

Since Google Analytics 4 is a newer tool, new abilities are needed. We are here to assist you with all of your Google Analytics needs. Our qualified Google Analytics specialists will give you sufficient training on the recently installed GA4 and enable you to proceed. You can promote greater company outcomes by using a suitable onboarding procedure and receiving training in Google Analytics 4 setup.

4. Support

To ensuring that your data is on Google’s new platform, migrating to Google Analytics 4 is a crucial but only the first step in the process. Following the move, we’ll offer you continuous analytics support to help your business get insights from the information your site is gathering. Our objective is for you to be able to translate your website statistics into concrete steps that will boost your business’s marketing.

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