ECommerce for B2B2C Markets

B2B & B2B2C Commerce – eCommerce solution tailored to Manufacturer & Distributor

B2B is in our DNA.

Data shows that the most digital transformation is taking place in the manufacturer and distributors realm.

We bring over 20+ years of experience in B2B commerce implementation, with over 30+ successful B2B implementation.

An omnichannel experience is the ultimate service capability for distributors. Manage complex pricing rules, define approval workflows, and manage the logistics of the business operations by defining pickup and delivery complexity and rules for different locations to be defined through the digital branch expansion.

It is in our DNA, we understand the complexity B2B business requires to manage dealer channels and vision to implement direct to consumer portals.

Over the years we have learnt B2B and what makes B2B solutions unique. We have helped businesses solve complex problems when it comes to effectively running all sales channels.

We believe in NO COMPROMISE & MORE COMMERCE. We partner with top B2B commerce platform and technology  Insite Commerce, ZNODE, Adobe Magento, so we can serve both small to mid businesses as well as Enterprise Corporations.

In the B2B realm we have figured out the core challenges and have built expertise to solve them again and again and again!

We know B2B complexities

  • Dealer management
  • Corporate programs
  • Punch out
  • DShip
  • B2B pricing
    • Account based pricing
    • Channel based pricing
    • Store based pricing
  • Taxes, Payment, Shipping
  • And above everything seamless integration with ERP

Over the years we have developed expertise to seamlessly integrate your Commerce platform with your ERP.

Some of our  ERP connectors include

  • Acumetica
  • Everest
  • NetSuite
  • S2K
  • ODOO
  • SAP
  • ABS

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