Microsoft .net ecommerce platform

Utilize the ecommerce framework to build dynamic e-commerce websites.

The ASP.NET ecommerce framework, a Microsoft web application that enables a robust, dynamic approach to build various stores to serve multiple channels, is the foundation upon which Znode is built.

The headless, adaptable design of B2B e-commerce software enables developers to create the ideal solution for challenging business objectives.

Accelerate business operations

The storefront software development kit (SDK) and API-first framework improve time-to-market while being highly flexible, giving developers (and merchants) the opportunity to quickly offer distinctive commerce experiences. Developers can access and expand the platform as needed thanks to access to the platform’s whole source code.

Scalable technology stack

With the help of Znode’s top technology stack, which consists of SQL Server, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, and Hangfire, users may experience lightning-fast page loads and superior database management. With load-balancing, multi-threading, and multi-layered caching features that meet even the highest traffic demands, the.NET ecommerce platform is enterprise-ready.

100% Customizable

The headless platform, built on top of the ASP.NET shopping cart source code, C# libraries, and SQL Server database, offers customization of every part of the user experience. The content management system of the.NET e-commerce platform includes headless content containers that let marketers place content for any user profile segment anywhere they want.

Znode is prepared to enable sophisticated, customizable storefronts with its.NET B2B ecommerce software architecture and capabilities that are all accessible through REST APIs.

Completely open rest API

On top of the Znode API, which consists of a completely open set of REST endpoints, merchants are free to develop almost anything. The Microsoft ecommerce platform offers powerful querying and filtering capabilities for as much or as little data as required, from a shopping cart to creating administrative reports.

In comparison to traditional data exchange protocols, Znode’s REST APIs enable a higher level of flexibility and scalability by separating the client and the server using HTML requests. Znode provides a seamless user experience, decreases operational expenses, and accelerates time to market. The API is the primary route for data entering and exiting the.NET ecommerce platform, whether for the purpose of developing user interfaces or interacting with other back-office systems.

Technical Highlights:

  • Developed using ASP.NET web API
  • 100% RESTful endpoints

Deployment options

For businesses with a private cloud or in-house hosting, Znode provides single tenant SaaS. Additionally, Znode provides on-premises software license.

Microsoft Gold Partner

The accomplished Znode product development team has received the Gold Application Development Partner designation from Microsoft, which recognises Znode as a Microsoft Partner. Microsoft Gold Partners are renowned for providing cutting-edge corporate solutions. The top 1% of Microsoft Partners worldwide are Gold Partners. The best Microsoft e-commerce platform is Znode.

SOC 2 type 2 and PCI compliance

Data security is critically important to Znode. Znode’s platform, organisation, and processes all adhere to stringent security controls and are completely compliant with PCI standards for Microsoft e-commerce platforms and SOC 2 Type 2 for organizations. These audits confirm that Znode customers’ data is secure.
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Ecommerce data is always changing as businesses do
Rogans Shoes

Customization with headless content containers from Znode
Rogans Shoes

Headless and composable commerce as envisioned by Znode

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