Headless eCommerce Platform

Create one-of-a-kind consumer experiences that are adaptable to market changes.

Adapt to change

The interest in headless commerce is growing as a result of the need to quickly adapt to new technologies, create new experiences, and shift course in the face of accelerating business transformation.

A headless commerce platform’s front-end and back-end layers are divorced from the main engine, in contrast to the traditional approach to e-commerce, where these layers have little flexibility, strict design guidelines, and pre-defined experiences. The freedom to enable unrivalled customization and flexibility rests with the administrators. The same design facilitates integrations as well, giving administrators the flexibility and freedom to get ready for the Internet of Things and the API economy, among other emerging technologies.

Whatever you want, znode can make it happen.

The majority of ecommerce platforms do not have a large number of built and accessible APIs, despite the fact that many of them claim to be headless. Znode is the leading headless commerce platform, offering more than 1,200 pre-built APIs.

The primary engine and essential ecommerce libraries are surrounded by APIs that operate on a headless architecture, creating a solid and simple-to-use layer. Znode connects with anything, including current websites, mobile apps, back-office systems, ERPs, and CRMs. Don’t already have a CMS? Use the built-in CMS in Znode. Want to give customers a seamless experience? The platform is as shown.


Advantages of the headless architecture used by Znode

Not Upgrades, but Updates                                                                                 

No more putting off or spending too much money on functionality and updates. The headless architecture of Znode enables functional updates rather than upgrades. This is sustainable online trading. Consider investing more in marketing experiences rather than updates.


To make managing integrations easier, you can quickly access APIs. The Znode API enables interaction with external systems, legacy infrastructure, and distinctive shopping experiences, enhancing flexibility and accelerating time-to-market.


ERPs and other applications are supported using the connection framework that comes standard with Znode. The.NET ecommerce platform can be extended through the API, which acts as Znode’s external border.

Study up on the Znode engine

The logic necessary to run an e-commerce platform is made up of a number of levels and components:


This layer, which is immediately beneath the REST API, is in charge of calling business library logic and compiling data.


Znode’s platform core, which serves as a key location for customization and extension.


The Entity Framework and customized stored procedures are used to retrieve all data for Znode from the Microsoft SQL Server database.


Components for the Znode e-commerce platform that house all of the core logic.


ElasticSearch, the industry-standard search engine library, was used to create the incredibly quick and effective search engine that comes with Znode.

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