A Wish Come True

A Wish Come True was introduced to us via our technology partner ABS ( Apparel Business Systems) . AWCT is a B2B boutique dance costume maker serving customers all over North America and Canada. A Wish Come True was looking for technology partners to help re-shape its eCommerce using ZNODE. A Wish Come True chose NIVI Solutions as their trusted ZNODE solution integrator.


Website: www.awishcometrue.com, www.awctcolorguard.com

A Wish Come True- an American costume maker with over 30 years in business. All costumes is designed and manufactured in America. A Wish Come True came to ZNODE and NIVI Solutions as the business was experiencing slow growth. AWCT custom eCommerce was limiting the business to meet customer experience demand. B2B buyers have evolved over time, no mobile presence would lead to missed market opportunity. 

A Wish Come True was thrilled with our Znode discovery and implementation process. We were able to help AWCT leverage features and functionality that boosted conversion and improved customer experience through our vast B2B industry experience and expert B2B eCommerce consulting.


A Wish Come True has complex B2B business. From taking order to generating cash not a single operation was simple. A lot of challenges was presented to us that needed to be solved in order for the business to be successful 

  • Multi Store
  • Complex volume discount, exclusion
  • Quote to Order complex approval management. 
  • Complex product and catalog management- Catalog split acoss several dance season. 
  • Complex price management
  • UX –  bulk ordering allow customers to add s,m,l,xl, in various colors all in 1 click. 
  • Mobile
  • SEO
  • Import Product Duty
  • Internatnational
  • Design Your OWN TRU Colors.


Services we’ve provided to meet all business objectives. 

  • Discovery workshop (Understanding the vision and detailed requirement)
  • Znode Commerce platform installation, configuration and extension
  • Creative services and consultation
  • Bulk easy ordering
  • ABS Commerce Connector
  • End to End Integation (customer, order, price, inventory, quote, payment, shipping)  with ABS & AS400
  • Mobile optimization
  • Conversion rate optimization 
  • Internationational Managment
  • eCOmmerce consultation and custom development to manage seasons, discounts ship date


  • 27% Increases organic clicks and impression YOY
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved back end operations, huge efficiency gain. 
  • Improved bulk ordering directly increased AOV




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