Providing a Seamless B2B Ecommerce Experience

  • Znode is an optimized B2B E-commerce platform designed to provision efficient content management, smart site searches, customized product details and capabilities to handle multi store functionalities.
  • One of the most striking features of the Znode E-commerce platform is that it follows a Headless platform architecture which simply means that there is no front end for the website rather, it works on APIs to provision services to the Customers.
  • The front-end developers can then utilize any framework to integrate with this architecture and focus on the design elements.
  • With the scope of E-commerce platform scaling to new heights and requiring demanding resources, Znode has always been a step ahead to sustain and support the ever-growing requirements and Znode has been configured in a way to manage all these under a single architecture.
  •  Znode covers a large array of Industrial Requirements from Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail with customized features catering to each category.
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